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James Newell

James Newell created Clear Sales Message in 2017 as he transitioned from a successful career in the corporate sales environment to finding and following his passion running his own sales consultancy.

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“The “little black book” of sales.” “Easy to read and implement. A future business classic.” What is this book about? This book will help you to explain what you do, why that matters to your clients and why they should choose you. This increases sales.
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Human attention span: 8 seconds. Goldfish: 9 seconds. 8 seconds. That's all the time you have to capture someone's attention. Why does this matter in business? In 8 seconds, you need to grab attention, explain what you do and generate enough interest that the potential…
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What makes your buyers buy? “100+ ways to reach, engage and convert people to buy using psychology, science and common sense.” In the book, we cover: • How people work – 18 factors that affect client behaviour. • Communication Basics – 12 ways to communicate…
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