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How Can AI-Powered Insights Transform B2B Revenue Growth Strategies? (video)


Harnessing the Power of AI for Predictable B2B Sales Growth: Insights from SkyGeni‘s CEO

We recently had the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with Sankar Sundaresan, the CEO and founder of SkyGeni.

Sankar, with his rich background in senior executive roles at renowned companies like HP and Trinity, brought to the table a wealth of knowledge. He shared the inspiration behind SkyGeni. A growth insights platform tailored for B2B revenue leaders. The struggle to synthesize an overwhelming amount of data from diverse sources, such as CRM systems.  Conversation intelligence tools like Gong and sales enablement platforms like MindTickle or Highspot. Common pain point for revenue leaders. This challenge sparked the inception of SkyGeni, which transforms data into actionable insights. To inform decisions across sales, marketing, and product teams.

The AI-Powered Solution

Sankar underscored the critical need for AI-powered sales insights to drive faster and more efficient sales. Predictable B2B sales growth. SkyGeni‘s mission is to empower revenue leaders to connect and analyze data from various sources. Fostering more efficient and predictable growth. The platform’s AI capabilities are designed to generate valuable insights. With a moderate amount of data, effectively addressing issues of data quality and hygiene that many organizations face.

A key takeaway from our conversation was the significance of focusing on relevant data. Sankar stressed the importance of small data and the necessity of extracting actionable insights from it. He explained how SkyGeni‘s platform helps identify bottlenecks in the sales process, align sales and marketing efforts, and pinpoint areas for process improvement. By making data-driven decisions, companies can enhance growth without the need to increase headcount excessively.

Aligning Sales and Marketing

The perennial challenge of sales and marketing alignment was also a topic of our dialogue. Sankar highlighted the need for a holistic view of the pipeline and the ability to identify areas of overperformance and underperformance. He emphasized the importance of tailoring enablement activities to specific bottlenecks. The inefficiencies within the sales process, rather than adopting a generic approach.

Individual Performance Analysis

Another insight Sankar shared was the necessity to analyze individual sales reps’ performance to determine where they may require additional support. This enables organizations to allocate enablement resources more effectively and drive better revenue outcomes.

In wrapping up our discussion, Sankar reiterated the critical role of data-driven decision-making and the potential of AI to continue providing valuable insights. He shared his vision for the future of SkyGeni, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to offering explainable AI-powered insights. This approach sets SkyGeni apart from the typical black box AI solutions in the industry, as it reconciles data-driven insights with the gut feelings and opinions often held by sales leaders.

A Copilot for Revenue Leaders

SkyGeni aims to serve as a “copilot” for revenue leaders, synthesizing data from various sources to provide actionable insights. The platform empowers leaders to make smarter growth investment decisions and unlock incremental value by ensuring that AI insights are explainable and drive actionable decisions.

The potential of AI in revolutionize the way we approach B2B sales growth. For those eager to learn more about how SkyGeni can transform your data into growth, I encourage you to explore their offerings and witness the power of AI in action.

The insights shared by Sankar Sundaresan are a glimpse into the capabilities of SkyGeni. Also also a testament to the evolving landscape of sales and marketing. As we continue to navigate through data-rich environments. The ability to harness and interpret this data effectively will undoubtedly become a cornerstone of successful revenue growth strategies.

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About Author

Sankar is the CEO and Founder of SkyGeni, a Growth Insights platform for B2B revenue leaders. SkyGeni’s Explainable AI-powered actionable insights enable CROs to drive more efficient and predictable growth and boost sales productivity. Sankar has extensive experience in a variety of senior executive roles at HP, TriNet etc. and founded SkyGeni to help revenue leaders to more effectively deal with the challenges that he faced in his operating roles.


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