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Using 3D Animations As A Sales Tool
Blog / Entrepreneurs / Dec 5, 2016 / Posted by Nic Wiederhold / 5809

Using 3D Animations As A Sales Tool


Shrinking attention spans are not to be taken lightly when you are a sales professional. There will be no deal to close if you can’t first captivate an audience long enough to highlight the fantastic features of the product or service you are offering.

Keep the following in mind when you want to dazzle: Unique trumps ubiquitous every time. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, and using 3D animation in a sales presentation certainly will dazzle. Even rocket science could be explained and presented in an understandable way using 3D animation … in case rocket parts or technology happen to be what you are selling.

There are myriad benefits to using 3D animations as a sales tool. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key ways it can help you sell a potential prospect on your product, service or idea. They also are outlined on the accompanying infographic, which you can print and keep as a handy reference to help your sales team plan your next big presentation.


Rocket science, or any other technology, really could be simplified and understood if the exterior of a part could be cut away and your audience can view the inner workings of a component — or of the whole. Consider it done with 3D animation.

Clarify Complexity

Advanced concepts initially exist only in the mind, and visual aids needed to demonstrate them may not exist in reality. With 3D animations, they don’t have to. If someone can visualize a way to explain the complex idea, then that vision can be transformed into an animation.

Product Prototypes

For products that will be costly to manufacture, it makes little sense to do even a limited production run if there are no interested buyers yet. A 3D animation takes the place of a sample product — or even an architectural rendering if you’re trying to persuade investors to buy into a construction project.

Early Stage Checkup

It’s never too early in the manufacturing process to collect customer feedback. A presentation on how a product is coming together creates an opportunity to make adjustments before it’s too late.

Patients Not Required

The effect a medical device or drug will have on a body can be demonstrated in great detail without the need for a patient to be present.

A Distinct Advantage

While the use of 3D animation as a sales tool is growing in popularity, it’s not yet the norm. Just being different will make your presentation more memorable than a competitor’s.

Magnificent Magnification

Some features or mechanisms of a product may simply be too small to be seen by the naked eye. Blow it up — 3D animations can demonstrate just how things work, at any scale.

Time Travel

Any imaginable combination of historical or futuristic settings and characters can be incorporated into an animated sales pitch.

Personalize That Pitch

Storylines that resonate with specific customers can be created and customized. The personal touch might make a difference.

Hail High Tech

Put on a cutting-edge presentation, and your company will be associated with being cool and technologically adept.

Create a Mascot

Memorable mascots can help prospective customers become familiar with your brand. Provide a quality experience or product, and the mascot will be associated with your company in the future, becoming a helpful sales tool.

About Author

Nic Wiederhold is the owner of Ghost Productions. Ghost Productions creates 3D animations that can help with the sales process.


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