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The WHAT, WHY, & HOW of Personal Brand Building


The pervasive nature of the web and social media has changed the game for every company’s sales, marketing, and PR efforts. Every person on your staff – INCLUDING YOU – can be searched and researched.

Have you ever googled yourself? Do you know what Google says about you? Do you surface on the first page (if not, you may have a real problem!). In the modern world, you are who Google says you are. Every member of your sales team, no matter how junior or senior, needs to understand the importance of their own personal brand and why it matters. They should be fully trained on the skills needed to maintain their personal brand, avoid the hazards, embrace the benefits, and take full advantage of all of the opportunities.

Years ago our reputations were built on word of mouth—but now it’s world of mouth. You are out there and your brand is out there, so it better be well maintained and grown. It’s not enough to just put your LinkedIn profile up there and make a Tweet once a day—you’ve got to be actively participating in these things on a regular basis.

In this exclusive video, McCormack Media’s Social Expert @StefanLubinski explains why a LinkedIn profile and presence is an essential part of your personal brand. And, most likely, it’s NOT for the reason you’re thinking!

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