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How to Engage Your Sales Team


All sales executives and sales managers that Steven speaks with have one thing in mind: a highly engaged sales team. What are you doing to engage your sales team? In fact, what have you done today?

It really doesn’t take much—but you do have to do it. Here are some simple yet powerful tips for the engagement of your sales team.

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    Steven has over 25 years’ experience on the ground and in the executive suite, and works to transform sales executives and managers into true sales leaders. He is the author of 52 Sales Management Tips, and is included in Top Sales World’s Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers.

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    52 Sales Management Tips is written for sales managers who struggle within a corporate environment that doesn't always support them or their development needs. Whether you are a sales executive, senior sales leader or a new, experienced or aspiring sales manager I'm confident you will…
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    Comments (3)

    Chike Ngwu commented...

    Truth! Beautifully written. Working in an environment that doesn’t consider your well being is sickening.


    Emediong James commented...



    Biruk Kumsa commented...

    Very nice lesson

    Thank you.

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