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5 Attributes & Best Practices of Key Account Management


Everybody knows the 80-20 Pareto Principle. 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers—and vice-versa. But it may not be wise to quit the lower 80 percent market that gives you just 20 percent of your revenue and focus only on high-value customers. You have to groom your customers. Growth is the only thing that will help you attain success in business. To achieve growth, you need to have growing customers with whom you can grow.

Here are 5 attributes and best practices of key account management.

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Kannan Kasi is an Entrepreneur with experience in Sales & Marketing, CRM and Customer Analytics. A Sales Professional with Sonata Software and later, went on to Assistant Vice President with Emerio Corp. Today, his company Zignalytics provides CRM Consulting and Customer Analytics Services.

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