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🎧 The Sellers Challenge
Podcast Sales / PodCast / Nov 25, 2019 / Posted by Tom Williams / 2037

🎧 The Sellers Challenge

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Being a salesperson, or should we say a successful salesperson, is no easy task. In fact, being a salesperson can be one of the most challenging jobs because it requires tact in all aspects of the job. It also means that you are in constant competition with thousands of other people just like yourself, trying to close deal after deal in order to survive. The salespeople who are successful are able to win incredible new opportunities and climb the corporate ladder, while those that are not successful eventually burn out.

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My passion is to help sales organizations sell more effectively by markedly improving their new hire candidate assessment process, sales productivity, and business acumen. Our clients benefit by winning more customers and selling more to existing customers.

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The Seller’s Challenge: How Top Performers Master Deal-Killing Obstacles in B2B Sales There is a common question that troubles all sellers at different points in their careers: “So, what do I do now?” It may be uttered out of fear, or confusion, but it’s that…
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Ojo Ayodeji Amos commented...

This a really interesting read

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