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Podcast Social Selling / PodCast / Oct 29, 2019 / Posted by Julio Viskovich / 2353

🎧 Social Selling World


Social selling has revolutionized the sales world. It is no secret that the use of social media to engage with buyers and close deals has opened a new world of opportunities for salespeople. However, navigating these changes and utilizing social selling to its maximum potential can be a struggle. Listen in as host John Golden sits down with Julio Viskovich to discuss how sales people can adapt in a digital age.

This podcast is also a recorded live event you are welcome to view here: Social Selling

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About Author

Julio is VP of Marketing at rFactr, an enterprise social media technology and consulting company. A recognized expert, he appeared on national TV and is a recognized Forbes top 30 social salespeople (#25). He has worked with innovative companies like Microsoft and HootSuite to develop awareness.

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