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🎧 Sell Better With Behavioral Analysis Tools
Podcast Sales Tools / PodCast / May 7, 2020 / Posted by Steve Gavatorta / 1497

🎧 Sell Better With Behavioral Analysis Tools


There are many different behavioral and value analysis tools out there, like the Meyers Briggs and Enneagram tests, emotional intelligence tools, and others. Many people deem these assessments as helpful, both in personal and professional realms, but they can be truly invaluable when it comes to creating trust with your clients and building relationships with prospects. Steve Gavatorta, podcast interviewed by John Golden, explores how to use these behavioral and value analysis tools to become a better salesperson, sales leader, or sales manager.

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About Author

Steve Gavatorta, CPBA, CPVA, EQ & MBTI Certified is owner of the Steve Gavatorta Group, specializes in empowering individuals and organizations in identifying, developing, and exceeding performance goals. Steve Gavatorta, is author of In Defense of Adversity: Turning Your Toughest Challenges Into Your Greatest Success.

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“Highly successful people know how to ‘grind’ in the face of adversity – how to stay persistent and determined despite obstacles. In "Defense of Adversity" gives readers skills and strategies that lay the perfect foundation for grinding through obstacles on their way to reaching their…
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The key point in the "Reach Out Approach" is first understanding yourself and then understanding others so you can leverage the relationship for mutually rewarding purposes. By aligning your style and delivery to your listener you create both understanding and retention for your desired results.
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