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🎧 Prospecting Best Practices
Podcast Prospecting / PodCast / Apr 24, 2020 / Posted by James Muir / 1430

🎧 Prospecting Best Practices

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Prospecting often makes businesspeople break out in a cold sweat. It has been harder than ever in recent years to get referrals and prospects to potential customers. In order to successfully prospect to clients, salespeople and sales managers have to learn new techniques and new tactics in order to grab the attention of consumers and turn them into your clients. James Muir discusses how to prospect and get referrals in this expert podcast interview, hosted by John Golden.

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James Muir is a keynote speaker and Best-Selling author of The Perfect Close: The Secret to Closing Sales that teaches a clear and simple approach to close more opportunities while remaining genuinely authentic. Those interested in learning a method of closing that is zero pressure, involves just two questions and is successful 95% of the time can reach him at

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If you want to discover how to close sales using the absolute best practice (one that's non-pushy, flexible, natural & easy to learn) then read this book. Author James Muir shares unique insights on how ‘closing the sale’ can be done with a natural, non-pushy…
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Rowlandson Kariuki commented...

Incredible info on prospecting especially due to the overload of marketing information hitting consumers. Great advice on choosing the relevant market/target, having relevant and valuable information for the client and choosing referral as the best channel to grow prospects and opportunities. Sales people who leverage on referrals earn between 400% to 500% than those who dont!

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