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🎧 Pick Yourself Up and Move Forward
Podcast Sales Motivation / PodCast / Oct 16, 2019 / Posted by Adrian Gilpin / 2586

🎧 Pick Yourself Up and Move Forward


We all face disasters in life. Sometimes when people have disasters, they don’t embrace it as an opportunity. They don’t move forward, and they let the disaster negatively define the rest of their lives. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Adrian Gilpin, interviewed by John Golden, shares his story about how his disaster transformed his life for the better.

This podcast is also a recorded live event you are welcome to view here: Transforming Disaster: Pick Yourself Up and Move Forward

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Adrian coaches CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Executive Teams and spends much of his time speaking at conferences and events around the world on Fearless Leadership and how to engage large numbers of employees in very tough times.

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In Unstoppable, Adrian Gilpin shows us through his own amazing life-story, how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Adrian's story starts with his recovery from a financially catastrophic business collapse, and moves into his journey of awakening through the labyrinth of personal development teaching.
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