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Transforming Disaster: Pick Yourself Up and Move Forward


We all face disasters in life. Sometimes when people have disasters, they don’t embrace it as an opportunity. They don’t move forward, and they let the disaster negatively define the rest of their lives. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Adrian Gilpin, interviewed by John Golden, shares his story about how his disaster transformed his life for the better.

This expert sales interview explores transforming disaster:

-The beginning of Gilpin’s journey
-How he got inspired
-Creating ideas that work
-The importance of daily discipline
-How to rewrite your story

The Beginning:

Endings often lead to new beginnings. That was the case for Adrian Gilpin. He was involved in a business project in which he invested his entire life. This included two to three years of hard work and investing financially in company shares, only to lose all of it. After selling his house and moving in with his grandparents, he managed to get through this difficult time. “I supposed that I was ready to meet a teacher, to bump into somebody who was going to light a path,” said Gilpin. And he did. This mentor was Anthony Robbins. Gilpin went to one of his seminars. “This evening picked me up and shook me and rattled me about, and inspired me just to take more steps,” said Gilpin. “To step forward and do something different. I was the beginning of a very long journey of learning and discovery for me.”

The Inspiration:

We have all attended a seminar or conference with the hopes of being inspired and getting new ideas to help propel us forward. But more often than not, the things learned at these seminars are not put into place, and don’t become the catalyst for long-term change. Gilpin did not fall into this common pitfall. “I think it was probably an accident of circumstances, various pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together,” said Gilpin. He credits the ideas shared at the various seminars and events that he attended, as well as reading books on personal efficacy, energy and emotion, all things that had never before been part of his landscape. This, in combination with the desire to support his young family, created a motivation that pulled him out of his rut.

Ideas that Work:

“There was a need to stop sitting around licking my wounds feeling sorry for myself, so I decided to put some of the ideas into practice. And, they do work,” said Gilpin. “The simplest of ideas around personal development work. If you do something different, you’re going to get a different result. It wasn’t long before I convinced myself that thinking in a new way and being more optimistic and determined and taking action on these ideas was making a difference. Things were beginning to happen for me.” It begins with small steps that create momentum that lead to more significant, concrete changes.

Daily Discipline:

One of the things that Gilpin did to start transforming disaster was to set a goal and work towards it daily. His goal was to speak and teach others, and he began by slowly documenting some of his ideas. “I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great if I could stand up on a platform and stand in front of people and facilitate people through learning some of the ideas that I had heard?’” said Gilpin. This daily practice of writing ideas turned into speaking these ideas out loud into a recorder. He then transcribed the tapes, enriching and adding understanding as he wrote them out. These documents formed the basis of his first teaching seminar and the outline of his book. Sometimes a path leads to a destination, and sometimes a path leads to another path that will eventually get you to your destination. The important part is to continue traveling.

Write Your Own Story:

We all have anxieties. It’s part of human nature. Some of these anxieties and inhibitions are very obvious, like public speaking or making a cold call. But, many of them are hidden fears. Gilpin considers these anxieties stories with an inevitable outcome; Unless you rewrite them. “If I hold onto my doubts and fears and anxieties, they will become true. I learned to notice those stories, and rewrite them, and turn the page, and write a new chapter, and develop a story, my story, in a different way,” said Gilpin. “It’s a fundamental part of the way I try to live my life. I hear the wrong stories, the stories that are going to lead me astray, I say ‘that needs rewriting.’ I tackle it like I’m writing a script.”

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John is the Amazon bestselling author of Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World’s Greatest Military Victories and Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling. A globally acknowledged Sales & Marketing thought leader, speaker, and strategist. He is CSMO at Pipeliner CRM. In his spare time, John is an avid Martial Artist.

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Adrian coaches CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Executive Teams and spends much of his time speaking at conferences and events around the world on Fearless Leadership and how to engage large numbers of employees in very tough times.

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