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🎧 How Can Sales Enablement Drive Revenue Growth Across the Customer Journey?
Podcast Sales Strategy / PodCast / Dec 2, 2023 / Posted by Paul Butterfield / 20

🎧 How Can Sales Enablement Drive Revenue Growth Across the Customer Journey?


In this podcast episode, host John Golden and guest Paul Butterfield discuss the transition from the Sales Enablement Society to the Revenue Enablement Society. Butterfield highlights the importance of focusing on the entire customer journey and the need for collaboration between different departments to ensure customer success. They discuss the necessity of effective communication with customers post-sales and the importance of offering a buying experience focused on business needs. The speakers agree that creating the best customer experience requires constant monitoring and tweaking of the sales process, emphasizing active listening and curiosity as essential skills.

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About Author

Paul Butterfield is the Executive Board President of the Sales Enablement Society. He produces and hosts the podcast “Stories From the Trenches” and is a regular keynote speaker on revenue enablement strategies and sales methodologies. Paul has designed, built and led high impact revenue enablement strategies and teams for Vonage, G.E., NICE InContact, and Instructure. He’s coached Go-to-Market leaders from Expedia, ABB. Aspen Media, Orbitz, and Red Wing Shoes in change management and sales methodology adoption. Prior to his career as a revenue enablement leader he led channel and direct sales organizations for world-class companies including Intuit, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard.


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