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🎧  Generative AI for Sales: A Coach’s Insights
Podcast Sales Technology / PodCast / May 3, 2024 / Posted by Gil Cargill / 19

🎧 Generative AI for Sales: A Coach’s Insights


In this podcast episode, host John Golden and sales expert Gil Cargill explore the transformative effects of generative AI on sales. Cargill, with 48 years of sales experience, discusses how generative AI can perform tasks like appointment setting and customer prospecting, freeing salespeople to focus on more valuable activities. He underscores the need for sales professionals to build trust quickly in an AI-driven environment and the importance of integrating AI into structured organizational processes. The episode also addresses the challenges of adopting AI in sales, including the adaptation required from sales teams and the critical involvement of these teams in AI implementation.

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About Author

Gil brings 48 years of sales coaching experience to his clients. He has been and is still a leader in the field of applying tech to the sales process. He has worked with 7,000 businesses and created a track record of boosting sales by 36%.

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