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🎧  Exponential Growth with Key Customers
Podcast Customer Experience / PodCast / Jul 23, 2020 / Posted by Jermaine Edwards / 1677

🎧 Exponential Growth with Key Customers


For every business, existing customers are now more important than ever, because due to the current events and situation, new ones may be hard to find. In today’s podcast interview, B2B relationship expert Jermaine Edwards, advises you about managing relationships with your customers and securing growth.

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About Author

Jermaine is an Inc magazine featured Author and most interviewed customer growth and B2B relationship expert. He help Key Account Managers, sales leaders, account directors and consultants around the world become irreplaceable advisers and repeatable profit sales growth from their value customers.

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Based on the study more than 200 customers and 150 successful key account managers, sales professionals, and customers. You can be confident that this book will be practical and real-world in its examples.
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