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🎧 College Sales Programs
Podcast Sales Training / PodCast / Sep 8, 2019 / Posted by Daniel P. Strunk / 3196

🎧 College Sales Programs


College sales programs are disproportionately low to the number of salespeople. The sales industry is a giant one, and many people who enter the industry aren’t prepared when they graduate. With sales making up so much of the business world, why don’t we have more college sales programs? Daniel P. Strunk, interviewed by John Golden, explains why.

This podcast is also a recorded live event you are welcome to view here: We Need More College Sales Programs

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Over 40 years’ experience in top executive positions in sales, marketing, consulting and technology. Currently he’s The Managing Director of The Center for Sales Leadership at DePaul University in Chicago and textbook author of “Principles of Category Management” and “Sales Strategy & Technology”

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The textbook is lively and will hold students' interest with its unusual and interesting vignettes from the gaming, hotel, banking, airline, charge-card, supermarket, retailing, and package goods industries. This book acquaints students with the various approaches and applications but does not dwell on the underlying…
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