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“For once I’m actually glad to be called a pushover. I use this app to help connect my work phone with my personal phone. Instead of carrying around two phones all the time, I can have my work phone send notifications to my personal phone. It keeps me organized and helps me save time, and I don’t worry about checking two phones constantly and possibly missing something.”

Reviewer: Dianne Everthorne

Vendor Provided Information: 

Pushover is a simple push notification service that integrates easily into web apps like IFTTT, network monitoring systems, shell scripts, and anything else that needs to send alerts to your iPhone, iPad, Desktop, and other robot-like mobile devices. App has a free 7-day trial and unlimited usage beyond the trial requires a one-time in-app purchase.

Pushover includes an Apple Watch app and complications so you can push custom data straight to your watch face with our Glances API.

Visit to find apps, plugins, and services that support Pushover, or get an API key for your own app.


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