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🎧  What is Coming with AI in Sales

🎧 What is Coming with AI in Sales

Many people are curious about what the future of sales will look like with the addition of artificial intelligence (AI), and other AI-based tools. Some people fear that it will be absolute armageddon, and the end of all sales careers. Other people think that it is an amazing tool for salespeople to have access to. The reality is that it is probably somewhere in between, and AI’s influence will continue to evolve as things progress. DJ Sebastian, author of The Selling Revolution: Prospering In the New World of Artificial Intelligence, clarifies how AI will impact salespeople in this interview, hosted by John Golden.

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🎧 Rehumanizing Sales

🎧 Rehumanizing Sales

In the wake of artificial intelligence (AI) and technological advances, the sales field has become more digital and less personable. However, there are things that AI will never be able to recreate. Levitin uses the analogy of a sous chef assisting the head chef. A sous chef helps the head chef prep all of the ingredients and get things ready so that the head chef can put her love and personality into each dish. AI is like the sous chef for a salesperson. Technology helps the salesperson gather data and information, organize their life, etc., but at the end of the day, it is the salesperson who must finalize the sale using their human attributes. Shari Levitin discusses this concept, and others, in this video interview, hosted by John Golden.

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