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🎧 The Power of AI in Sales and Customer Support
Podcast AI in Sales / PodCast / Feb 22, 2024 / Posted by Thomas Ryan / 12

🎧 The Power of AI in Sales and Customer Support


The Inevitable AI Revolution in Sales and Customer Support

I recently hosted an eye-opening conversation on my technology podcast with Thomas Ryan, founder of AI sales software leader Bigly Sales. His inside perspectives on how artificial intelligence radically transforms sales and customer service revealed a technology that’s far more than a fading fad. This is a valuable new productivity tool poised to change how businesses operate. I wanted to share some of his most compelling insights.

From Modest Beginnings to Cutting-Edge AI Innovation

Thomas first traced how Bigly Sales pivoted dramatically from a primary sending platform to becoming an artificial intelligence powerhouse driving automation in sales. What catalyzed this significant change in direction? Customers’ demands for more efficient, higher-volume outreach and lead-generation processes increased rapidly. By actively incorporating AI capabilities, Bigly Sales developed tools that now significantly surpass human-only capabilities in data processing speed, accuracy, and overall efficiency.

Accuracy Concerns? Not an Issue with Advanced AI

A common worry expressed about AI tools is potential limitations around accuracy. However, Thomas firmly rebutted those reservations about unreliable results. He underscored how Bigly Sales’ AI is meticulously trained using immense datasets and clear instructions. This advanced training regimen ensures the AI delivers exact and reliable outcomes to each unique customer situation and use case. Such precision builds vital trust in AI systems, leading to faster adoption rates by sales teams looking to integrate this technology seamlessly into their daily workflows.

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About Author

Thomas Ryan, CEO and founder of Bigly Sales, is a visionary leader reshaping the sales landscape through innovative AI solutions. With a background in staffing and executive experience at Workbeast LLC, Thomas identified the need for streamlined sales processes in the evolving market. His journey from the staffing industry to the forefront of AI-driven sales reflects his dedication to leveraging technology, evident in Bigly Sales' cutting-edge tools for Lead Generation and customizable landing pages. Thomas's commitment to efficiency and client appreciation positions Bigly Sales as a trailblazer in the tech industry, showcasing his ongoing dedication to enhancing the sales experience through the power of artificial intelligence.


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