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🎧 Building a Business with AI Content
Podcast AI in Sales / PodCast / Jan 12, 2024 / Posted by Cody Schneider / 9

🎧 Building a Business with AI Content


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Cody Schneider, the founder of Draft Horse, an AI content platform. They discuss the potential of AI in content creation, with Cody explaining how AI can amplify productivity, particularly in creating SEO-optimized articles. Cody emphasizes the importance of using AI tools to empower marketers and streamline content production workflows. They also discuss the impact of algorithmic changes on content creation and the importance of human input and strategy in creating high-value content. Cody further highlights the potential of leveraging global arbitrage by hiring offshore team members and using AI to bridge communication gaps.

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About Author

Cody Schneider is an entrepreneur and digital marketer based in Denver, Colorado. For over a decade, he has helped grow multiple software startups focused on marketing automation and content production tools. His background includes experience at both agencies and hyper-growth startups. Cody is now the founder of Drafthorse, an AI content platform that reached $10k MRR in its first month based purely on virality.


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