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How Your Sales Force Measures Up (Part 2)
Blog / Leadership / Feb 28, 2018 / Posted by Lisa Magnuson / 5087

How Your Sales Force Measures Up (Part 2)


Building a top-notch sales force is a dynamic endeavor. It requires a solid foundation of leadership, market focus, sales process and ongoing management. In Part One we addressed Leadership and Market Focus.

Many organizations have one or two of these critical components in place and wonder why results may be lacking. Is your sales force ‘fit’? Are your sales people thriving or just surviving? How would your sales organization measure up against the best in the business? If you’re serious about assembling a dynamic, results-oriented sales team, one of the easiest – and most affordable – ways is to take inventory of your current approach. Awareness is the first step towards improvement. The below checklist includes highlights from the full Top Line Sales Assessment.

Sales Fitness Assessment

Sales Process

❑Is your sales processes documented and refreshed regularly?

❑Do each of your salespeople have an up to date plan for their territory?

❑Do your sellers have a track record of success with expanding their account relationship base?

❑Do you have an automated method (CRM) to collect prospect and sales cycle information?

❑Do account teams meet to share ideas and develop account specific strategies?

❑Is there a culture of cooperation between sales and the other departments within your company?

❑Do your sellers uncover referrals and ask for references?

❑Can your salespeople accurately forecast future business?

❑Do salespeople have the tools they need to do their job?

❑Does your company have an ongoing comprehensive sales recognition program to reward results?

❑Is sales training an integral part of your ongoing approach?

Sales Management

❑Do Sales Managers have an easy way to track sales activity? (I.e. appointments, demonstrations or presentations, proposals, orders)

❑Do Sales Managers spend the majority of their time in the field?

❑Do Sales Managers ‘Add value’ to the client and to their sales people?

❑Are Sales Managers seen as mentors and coaches for the growth and development of their teams?

❑Is there alignment in compensation from company priorities to sales compensation to Sales Manager compensation?

❑Are Sales Managers aware and actively educating sellers on all the tools and resources that are available to help their salespeople?

❑Do Sales Managers have a systematic and timely approach to decision making?

❑Do Sales Managers have a systematic and timely approach to problem solving?

❑Do Sales Managers address performance issues in a pro-active manner?

❑Are Sales Managers responsible for customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction as well as sales results?

The above list can be overwhelming taken all at once. Many of my clients find it helpful to tackle one area at a time. As an example, focusing on referrals can generate immediate returns motivating you to move to the next area. Good luck as your strive to have the best sales organization in your industry.

The TOP Line Account™ Sales Success Model

Common close ratio: 25%
Add pre-call planning: +20%
Add account strategy work: +20%
Add Win Themes™: +10%
Add competitive blocking: +10%

A ‘Fit’ sales organization means ‘Ringing the bell’ more frequently with TOP Line Account™ wins.

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About Author

Lisa Magnuson is an expert in corporate strategic sales and TOP Line Account™ revenue building. As a respected sales consultant and author, she works with clients to build successful strategic sales programs that drive revenue from large new accounts and enable growth from existing high value customers.

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