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How Can Mental Fortitude and Coachability Lead to Success in Business? (video)


From the Field to the Boardroom: A Conversation with Alex Fisher

Hello everyone, I’m your host, and today I’m excited to share with you a fascinating conversation I had with Alex Fisher, a former professional football player turned executive coach, leadership consultant, and speaker. We had an insightful discussion about his new book, “The Business Athlete,” and the lessons he’s learned from his unique journey.

The Genesis of “The Business Athlete”

Alex, who resides in North Texas, has a rich background that has shaped his perspective on leadership and business. His experiences as a professional athlete, his academic background in anthropology with a focus on business anthropology, and his exposure to entrepreneurship through his father, a venture capitalist, all culminated in the creation of his book, “The Business Athlete.”

Alex believes that his experiences and insights are valuable enough to share with others, especially leaders. His book is a testament to his journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Mental Fortitude: A Key to Success

One of the key topics we delved into was the mental fortitude required to step out of one’s comfort zone. Alex shared that as a professional athlete, he had to move from club to club, which required a great deal of mental strength. This strength, he explained, is developed from a young age through repetitions, feedback, understanding team dynamics, and handling wins and losses.

Alex emphasized the importance of mental strength and self-reliance in facing the challenges of competition and becoming a leader in organizations. This resilience, he believes, is a crucial trait for anyone aiming to excel in their field.

The Power of Coachability

Our conversation also touched on the concept of coachability. Alex highlighted the importance of a strong relationship and understanding between the coach and the person being coached. This relationship, he believes, is a cornerstone of personal and professional growth.

Energy Management: The Four Pillars

Alex introduced the concept of energy management, which he breaks down into four areas: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. He believes that by focusing on these areas and making small changes, individuals can improve their overall well-being and performance.

He shared his personal experience of making mistakes and having to swallow his pride and ego. He emphasized the importance of being a better listener to one’s own body and using the body’s natural systems to their advantage.

Alex broke down energy management into practical steps, starting with physical aspects such as sleep and hydration. He also mentioned the importance of understanding the neuroscience of connectivity and focusing on what one can control in the present moment to achieve tangible results.

The Importance of Structure

Alex and I also discussed the importance of creating a functional structure for oneself. He believes that having a strong foundation is crucial for building and scaling something large. Setting the foundation, he says, allows for more freedom and removes the clutter that often gets in the way.

Alex also introduced his business as an HR consultant, specializing in structure, strategy, people, processes, and technology. He provides coaching, leadership training, and quick change solutions, and encourages listeners to reach out to him on social media to start a conversation.

Investing in Yourself

As we concluded our conversation, I recommended Alex’s book and highlighted the importance of investing in oneself through coaching. I believe that coaches are essential in various aspects of life and that investing in oneself is never a bad decision.

In conclusion, our conversation revolved around the significance of having a strong foundation, implementing effective processes, and investing in personal growth through coaching. Alex’s journey from the football field to the boardroom offers valuable insights for anyone looking to excel in their field. His book, “The Business Athlete,” is a testament to his journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

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Alexander Fichera is a former pro-athlete and an internationally recognized executive coach, leadership consultant, and speaker. With over two decades of experience working with top-tier executives across the globe, Alexander has honed a unique approach to leadership - encapsulated in his breakthrough book, "The Business Athlete." Leveraging his extensive knowledge of business dynamics, human psychology, and the core principles of physical and mental endurance, he has developed transformative strategies to help professionals navigate today's challenging business landscape. His innovative teachings have transformed careers, cultures, and companies, cementing his reputation as a guiding force for ambitious leaders.


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