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Steve Weinberg has spent his life selling and helping others sell better, more, and faster. He recently led the Accuity sales team to new sales accomplishments for twelve years. Accuity is a British-Dutch technology company that is now part of Lexis Nexis Risk Systems and is a RELX subsidiary. It provides anti-money laundering and electronic payment solutions to financial institutions and corporations. While at Accuity as a salesperson and simultaneously as a manager of a team of salespeople, Steve closed the largest sale in the company’s history. Steve sold Accuity’s products to Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Google, Facebook, Costco, Silicon Valley Bank, Intel, Prudential, Wyndham Worldwide, all of which were not previously customers.

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MORE THAN 50 PERCENT OF SALES PROS REGULARLY FAIL TO ACHIEVE THEIR ANNUAL SALES TARGETS. Shocking, right? But it doesn't have to be this way. Sales is no longer a simple linear process, and thus professionals in the industry-and those who hope to enter the…
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