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Stacey Hall

Stacey Hall, Founder of 'Success with Stacey Hall', has taken 5 books to #1 best-seller status in multiple countries. She is known for her myth-busting social media marketing training program, “Go for YES,” which has helped thousands of people attract more sales, satisfaction, and success. She is an acclaimed speaker who gained recognition for her TEDx Talk.

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You don’t have to betray yourself or your values to close stellar sales. This book introduces a simple formula for a personalized approach to building connections through alignment and problem-solving.
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Is it really possible to thrive in Network Marketing without leaving your comfort zone? The resounding answer is... YES!! This second installment in ‘The Power of Yes’ Book Series introduces 25 entrepreneurs who have learned how to grow their business by ignoring those who told…
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Can network marketing really help you create a dream life? We’ve collected dozens of insightful first-hand stories of sales, satisfaction, and success that answer that question. And the answer is a resounding… YES!
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