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I develop leaders worth following™. There is an alarming lack of high-quality leaders in today’s global economy. As an authority on the art of leading and influencing people, I’m able to transform the professional who cannot lead into an influencer who is caring, empathetic, courageous, and committed to their employees’ success. Over 14,000 technical experts have experienced a revitalization of their impact, as a result of my virtual programs, coaching, mentoring, tools.

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Opportunities for part-time or contract controllers and financial executives have grown exponentially in recent years. If you’ve ever considered following this fast-growing trend and striking out on your own, then this is the book for you.
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"Leadership: The Key Ingredient to a Great Budget" proves that budgeting is a simple yet powerful leadership activity that will help an organization prosper. Getting to that point will require an attitude change and an improvement in leadership.
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Written for management accountants, "Smart Risk Management" analyses your position in the middle of the organization-ensuring both that it does not take risks whose costs it cannot afford and that it takes enough risks to stay competitive in the evolving marketplace.
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Using this book, learn how to apply powerful tools and approaches to make your planning processes more effective and flexible and build a set of decision-making processes based on plain language.
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"The Reluctant Leader" is the key to the leadership door, which is available to everyone and opens constantly. This book is conceived to give you the confidence to lead others whenever the door is open to you.
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This book explores in detail controllers' and CFOs' critical traits and explains specifically what actions are required to meet these requirements. It provides a wealth of information on coaching employees and, in the process, transferring accountability for results back to their hands.
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