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Mike Pagan

Mike Pagan is a superior execu1ve coach with more than 25 years combined corporate business management, coaching, and consul1ng experience. He is an expert in helping clients achieve positive mental wealth through strong support networks unlocking significant performance improvements.

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"The secrets of increased effectiveness, productivity, and making 'busyness' profitable. "
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Throughout this eBook, you will be able to relate to elements that are relevant to you and your current situation, the ways you work and what is going on around you, and the symptoms that are causing you to perform above and below your best.
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If you have ever wanted more from your life, here is how to find it. Recognize your true potential, love what you do, and live the life you choose with the support, encouragement, and proactive potential of a Mental Wealth team.
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This book is guaranteed to refresh, remind and rekindle your passion, purpose, and direction to focus on what really should be done.
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