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Herb Cohen

Considered the world's greatest dealmaker, Herb Cohen has been a practicing negotiator for the past four decades, intimately involved in some of the world's headline dramas, from hostile corporate takeovers to hostage negotiations. As a result of his extensive experience and unique presentation style, Mr. Cohen is internationally renowned as someone who can articulate and explain the complexities of selling and negotiations.

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Cohen views the world as huge negotiating table and describes the art of compromise not as a competition but rather as the art of offering choices. His humorous lessons and apt imitations of famous personalities and personal acquaintances are truly hilarious. Listen and you’ll come…
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In this book, bestselling author Cohen offers a new and humorous look at the art and practice of negotiation in the 21st century.
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No matter who you’re dealing with, Cohen shows how every encounter is a negotiation that matters. With the tools and skillsets he has devised, honed, and perfected over countless negotiations, the power of getting what you deserve is now a practical necessity you can fully…
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