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Gayle Lantz

WorkMatters Founder, Gayle Lantz,  is a leadership expert, author, speaker and trailblazer in her field who helps CEOs and executives shape corporate culture and inspire change. For over 20 years, she has devoted her work to helping others do the work that matters–making a positive difference in the lives of those they lead and serve.

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The Leadership Journal: A Weekly Goal-Setting Guide for Leaders helps you become more disciplined about achieving your business goals, leadership goals, and personal goals.
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The book serves as a: Personal thinking guide to help leaders focus on the important leadership issues and reflect, learn, and grow on their own watch.
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Your mastermind members help you see things like they really are so you can take your business where you really want it to be. Whether or not you know much about masterminding, you’ll get great ideas and shorten your learning curve with the "Mastermind Groups:…
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