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Douglas Kruger

A member of the 'Speakers Hall of Fame,' Douglas Kruger is an internationally renowned presenter and the author of 5 business books with Penguin. His clients include senior management and sales teams at companies like Liberty, HP and Standard Bank.

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Learn how to build an industry reputation, use media channels to reach your market and communicate complex ideas through memorable frameworks. Discover how your fee structure defines you as beginner or valued veteran.
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In Relentlessly Relevant, business guru Douglas Kruger explores the field of innovation, reducing its subject matter to the simple starting points you need to become an industry trendsetter. It pinpoints the levers within your own business crying out for innovation, as well as the areas…
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A real-world guide to practical things you need to do to grow as a leader. It was written to assist anyone in any leadership position.
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Find out how you can become the leading name in your industry.
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