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David Burkus

David Burkus is a best-selling author, a sought after keynote speaker, and Associate Professor of Leadership and Innovation. His newest book, Friend of a Friend, offers readers a new perspective on how to grow their networks and build key connections—one based on the science of human behavior, not rote networking advice.

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What if the best way to grow your network isn’t by introducing yourself to strangers at cocktail parties, handing out business cards, or signing up for the latest online tool, but by developing a better understanding of the existing network that’s already around you? We…
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How to get past the most common myths about creativity to design truly innovative strategies We tend to think of creativity in terms reminiscent of the ancient muses: divinely-inspired, unpredictable, and bestowed upon a lucky few. But when our jobs challenge us to be creative…
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Airport bookstores are crowded with business books. Each volume in this copious genre seems to promote a "lack." They'll begin with phrases like "The most pressing issue in organizations is that leaders lack integrity...or empathy...or strategy...or even humor." These books continue by laying out the…
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A provocative work that challenges the traditional and widely accepted principles of business management — and proves that they are outdated, outmoded, or simply don’t work Do open floor plans really work? Are there companies that put their employees’ welfare first, and their clients second?…
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