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True Sales Tales: One Unusual Strategy Gets You in the Door
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True Sales Tales: One Unusual Strategy Gets You in the Door


You may wonder which door the title refers to, and the answer is any door. If you want to get past a guard with guns, the receptionist, and into the C-suite offices, this one unique strategy never let me down.

The Holidays (any type for that matter) are the best time to give this suggestion a try. But first, the following story illustrates a laugh-out-loud moment to emphasize the strength of the strategy.

I was brand new on a job and proudly told the sales manager that I was familiar with a company in the assigned territory. Word of caution, when starting out on a job never let this type of information be known. Little did I know that the headquarters was entirely different than the office where I previously sold.

On my first visit, it was difficult to open the two weighted wooden doors. And behind the doors was a guard with guns at both hips who threateningly warned me to never show my face there again. How I wish I had never announced I knew of the company!

The strategy taught to me on my first job was to happily give candy to every person I encountered on all holidays. Due to the success, I gradually expanded the giving to loyal clients in the form of a thank you meal and delicacies for the staff. On hard to get appointments, I would offer coffee and sweets, and my offer was always accepted.

So I began to consider whether attempting to bring candy into the company in question would outweigh the risk of the guard using me for target practice. I had to give myself a pep-talk for a full ten minutes to get out of the car with a candy bar.

Adrenaline was at an all-time high and by no means am I suggesting you do what I did next…

As I approached the heavy wooden doors, I swung them open with all my might. And then I wound up my arm as if I were a pitcher on a baseball team to witness myself throwing the candy bar at the guard and almost screaming the words, “Happy Halloween!”

I held my breath.

There was a pause as I awaited gunshots.

To my surprise, the unthinkable happened. Tears were running down the guard’s cheeks. He muttered something, so I moved closer as he restated, “No one ever gave me anything before.” The guard went on to say, “You probably want the names of people in the building along with their contact information. Here is my black book. Take it into the ladies room to copy down everything you want, but promise to bring it back to me and don’t tell anyone!”

I nodded my head and followed the guard’s instructions. I then ran back to the car to get extra candy bars to give to him with a big thank you. What followed was invitations to meet with the people I called. Upon entering each office, I heard the same sentiment from everyone: “Thank goodness you got past the guard! He has been here for a year, and my job has become very boring.”

In conclusion, don’t risk your life for a job. But always keep kindness and goodwill in mind and heart. On any day, a smile and friendly greeting will do wonders. But on holidays, offer treats to everyone (without throwing them) and wish them a good time. It’s a given to always care for your clientele, but take the time to speak with each to learn of their holiday plans as well as offer hospitality. The interest you show further builds relationships and business.

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