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New Pipeliner Ebook: 10 Guiding Principles for Entrepreneurs by Nikolaus Kimla
Blog / Sales Management / Jun 23, 2015 / Posted by Alyson Stone / 5937

New Pipeliner Ebook: 10 Guiding Principles for Entrepreneurs by Nikolaus Kimla

10 Guiding Principles for EntrepreneursOur CEO’s new ebook, Ten Guiding Principles for Entrepreneurs, is now available in the Pipeliner Sales Reference Library. It’s free, and packed with indispensable advice for entrepreneurs and sales insights. There is no universal guideline to building your business from the ground up and 10 Guiding Principles for Entrepreneurs does not try to provide you with one, but rather guides you through the important process of building the right mindset for starting your own enterprise.

Beautifully designed and useful, it’s packed with stories, advice, resources, quotes, and examples of the entrepreneurial lifestyle and outlook. Nikolaus Kimla, the author (and our CEO), speaks from experience. His career path has been an entrepreneurial one from childhood.

Any activity is governed by principles or natural laws. Some are obvious—skydiving, obviously, is governed by gravity. Flying is also subject to gravity, as well as wind and air patterns. Driving an automobile is subject to mass, power, friction, wind resistance, and a number of other variables.
When an entrepreneur creates and builds a successful enterprise there are proven basic principles that increase the probability of success. In this book I have narrowed down 10 of the most important.

Here is what you can learn from this ebook:

  • Principles for entrepreneurs — especially the ones that school doesn’t teach you
  • How to stay true to your vision while you lead a team
  • Why the word “why” is so important to the vocabulary of a successful entrepreneur
  • The important skills to acquire from renowned business experts
  • How to manage without micromanaging
  • How to avoid falling on your ass
  • Finding your inner calm center
  • How to maintain a winning attitude
  • Resources for your personal business library

So, entrepreneurs–young, old, brand-new or seasoned veterans–this book is for you! While management is about getting things done, leadership is about creating and cultivating the larger context—the fertile common ground and soil in which things can happen.

Are you an entrepreneur? This downloadable book is for you. Get your copy now!

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