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Can Mobile Homes Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis? (video)


Affordable Housing in Silicon Valley:

A Conversation with Franco Perez

As the host of Sales POP Online Sales Magazine and Pipeline CRM, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Franco Perez, a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to creating affordable housing in Silicon Valley. Franco’s unique approach to the housing crisis, his personal journey, and his innovative solutions offer valuable insights for anyone interested in real estate, entrepreneurship, or social impact.

Franco Perez: A Personal Journey to Affordable Housing

Franco Perez’s journey into affordable housing was born out of personal experience. Growing up in an immigrant family from the Philippines, Franco experienced firsthand the struggles of unstable housing. After his parents divorced, he dropped out of school and started working full-time to support his single mother. Despite his hard work, he found himself borrowing money from his boss every month just to make ends meet.

This struggle led Franco to question why good people like his family couldn’t afford real estate while the wealthy could. He became a real estate agent but quickly realized that the industry mainly served the richest clients and didn’t make a difference for people like him. This realization sparked his exploration into alternative housing options and eventually led him to discover the untapped potential of mobile home parks.

Mobile Homes: A Solution to the Housing Crisis

Franco’s company is not just about providing affordable housing; it’s about understanding the needs and preferences of younger generations and designing modern, contemporary mobile homes that appeal to them. Franco emphasizes the importance of visuals and video in showcasing the true potential of mobile homes and dispelling the stigma associated with them. His company uses both long and short-form videos, including comedic ones, to bring attention to mobile homes and highlight their value.

The Growth Potential of Mobile Homes

When asked about the growth potential of the market, Franco expressed his belief that mobile homes are the last stand for affordable housing and homeownership. While other housing options may offer reduced rents, they do not provide the opportunity for individuals to build wealth. Mobile homes, on the other hand, allow people to embark on an ownership journey and boost their financial stability when they eventually sell.

Innovation in Construction Techniques

Franco also discussed the advancements in construction techniques that make mobile homes more affordable. By building these homes in factories on assembly lines, the cost of construction is significantly lower compared to traditional methods. Franco emphasizes the need for innovation in the housing industry to address the rising costs of construction and housing prices, as well as the importance of homeownership in achieving financial freedom.

Customization and Personalization

While there are some limitations to customization due to the need for standardized units to keep costs low, Franco’s company still offers customers the opportunity to personalize their mobile homes. Choices in flooring, granite or quartz countertops, and other design elements allow homeowners to make their space truly their own.


Franco Perez’s journey from struggling immigrant to innovative entrepreneur is a testament to the power of perseverance and vision. His company’s focus on affordable housing through mobile homes offers a unique solution to the housing crisis in Silicon Valley and beyond. As we continue to grapple with issues of affordability and homeownership, Franco’s insights and innovations provide a beacon of hope for a more equitable future in housing.

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About Author

Having grown up in an unstable family, Franco is on a mission to create affordable housing in Silicon Valley. He discovered that the Bay Area’s mobile home parks offer an abundance of underused land with excellent growth potential. After years of dedication to his vision, Franco has established a devoted team of like-minded individuals who believe their positive impact equals success. Inspired to reimagine mobile homes and expand affordable housing opportunities across the Bay Area, Franco's talented team strives to unlock the pathway to homeownership and help families establish financial security where it might otherwise seem impossible, especially in this pandemic.


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