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Are You Ready For A New Direction?
Blog / Entrepreneurs / May 19, 2021 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 1666

Are You Ready For A New Direction?


Persistence is an essential trait as we consider getting ready for a new direction.  The beginning of the pandemic had most of us stopped in our tracks.  Adapting to the new normalcy was a requirement. As restrictions start to ease, many need to consider what was done before versus what we do today and will do tomorrow. Getting ready for a new direction affects most everyone as we contemplate the new tomorrow.

Coping with entrepreneurship is far more tasking on a person from my perspective than a corporate job.  The reason is we are responsible for everything.  And should we take on partners or hire people, when all is said and done, we are still the ones in charge of the decisions that were made and are in process.

Employees will soon be facing the dilemma of whether to return to a formal workspace or work from home.  Some will have the opportunity to do both during the workweek depending upon the requirements of the job.  What intrigues me is the conversations online about whether sales will return to the in-person format or if it is still possible to work remotely.  My perspective is that either approach works.  What matters most and will never change is the ability to develop relationships wherever we are.

I have fond memories of meeting new people and visiting their place of employment as a sales conversation was about to begin.  On the other hand, video technology provides us with the visual component.  It may not be 100% the same, but it is far better than just using the telephone.  On the other hand, after the in-person or video approach, picking up the phone to check in with a client is the second-best method.  It is the personal touch that further develops the relationships.  When people hear, ‘I was thinking about you!’ they stop to listen.

There very well may be adjustments to the selling environment and how we conduct business. Nevertheless, the sales approach will not change much.  Being professionally friendly with prospects and clients will never go out of style.  The piece that may change is management allowing for a more creative approach versus a formulaic agenda.  Although long ago, I chose the friendship route, and it always continues to work exceptionally well.

As an entrepreneur, I am taking one new route.  In the past, everything was dependent upon my effort; slowly but surely, it grew into a collaborative one.  But now, I’m taking steps to exponentially expand items of importance to me by joining two organizations with similar values.  To get a message out to more people, we need a cohesive group that champions what we hold necessary.  Not only will it help each of us, but it also adds to the marketing and branding effort for all and stands a better chance for making a significant impact.

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How Are You Getting Ready For A New Direction?

Should you be considering a new job, much thought and research will help you move on a steadier course.  Usual questions include, are you thinking about changing industries, job title, or moving up the executive ladder?  The next piece is to research the top three players in the industry that appeals to you.  Include examining the executives, goals, financials, and the top clients. It will give you a platform for starting the conversations with hiring managers and recruiters, if nothing else.

If you are an entrepreneur, reflect on your past successes and the highlights of your career. Is there an element on which you might like to either expand or eliminate?  Is there an organization that represents what you have privately wished you could do? In either case, list out which elements are the most important and what you might do to activate the change.  Be sure to balance prior obligations with possible new time commitments and fees.

The other styles of business will do well to ask employees about their preferences regarding future work.  Most companies dictate what is to be, for the most part that’s understandable.  But when most are preparing for change, employees will appreciate your asking for their input.  Similar to developing a returning and referring clientele, employers should strive to have a loyal workforce.  It begins by requesting feedback and attempting to accommodate employee suggestions.

In all instances, getting ready for a new direction will make the transition a bit easier.  There are always unforeseen obstacles, but by having a clear idea and a plan at hand to proceed will ease the process.

Sales Tips:  

  1. Use quiet time to focus on what you enjoy and want to accomplish.
  2. List of milestones to accomplish what is to come next.
  3. Prioritize goals for making your idea a reality.
  4. List the new knowledge you may need or the people who can help.
  5. Set time aside to research your idea.
  6. Consider whether a partner, collaborators, or organization will empower your concept.
  7. Practice verbalizing and communicating on varying platforms what you plan to accomplish.
  8. Connect with similar-minded people.
  9. Monitor the information that appears most popular to create new products and services.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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