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🎧 The Importance of Sales Training
Podcast Sales Training / Sales Training / Mar 5, 2019 / Posted by Bob Urichuck / 4940

🎧 The Importance of Sales Training


Host John Golden sits down with Bob Urichuck to discuss the topic of sales training. Bob is the author of Velocity Selling: How to Attract, Engage & Empower Buyers to BUY. Listen in as Bob and John drive into the important subject of why sales training is an essential part of an effective sales team.

This podcast is also a recorded live event you are welcome to view here: Importance of Sales Training

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Bob Urichuck, founder of, an innovative learning platform that provides selling and non-selling professionals with affordable and buyer-focused sales training and mentoring. Recognized as an International Sales Expert and ranked in the top 10 of the World‘s Top 30 Sales Gurus since 2008.

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In DetailSelf-motivation and team, motivation is the foundations to success. They build self-esteem and self-confidence and result in an overall better working environment. A motivated and engaged environment and team attracts and retains top performers, resulting in better performance, increased productivity and measurable bottom-line results. …
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Our global marketplace is heating up. Competitors are appearing out of nowhere, and expectations are high. In today's market, both the business owner and seasoned sales professional must produce at the peak of their potential. They must be pro-active, energetic, honest, entrepreneurial, self-motivated and focused…
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The Bottom Line Sales are the lifeline to your bottom line. To succeed in sales, you need to do the opposite of selling. Most organizations today realize the economy has brought on a shift from selling during the boom times to attracting, engaging, and empowering…
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Gaynor Eloff commented...

Clear sound, very informative. This topic really touched on vital issues sales people really deal with.
To the point, THANK YOU, this really helps.


Mignote Asefa commented...

The fact in sales trend and the remedy to get to success!

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