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The Age of Remote Sales Training
Blog / Sales Training / Mar 22, 2018 / Posted by Catherine Brinkman / 5011

The Age of Remote Sales Training


Why The Days of Live In-Person Training Are Coming To An End

In recent years I have noticed something: more and more of my clients do not want live in person training. They want training done remotely. When I first started to facilitate online training way back in 2012, I found it difficult to ensure that participants were getting the most out of the sessions. I couldn’t see their faces or watch them writing.

I learned to see with my ears. I paid more attention to vocal intonation and waiting for typing to stop. And there are other things that I noticed which made me a believer in online training.

  1. Participants are rarely late. The biggest challenge is getting audio connected. There is no traffic to worry about or getting lost.
  2. Stress levels are lower. Because people aren’t worried about being late, when we start sessions the overall vibe is more relaxed and focus is stronger.
  3. Training becomes more economical. There are no travel costs for companies to absorb for the participants or the trainer. This means more budget for further trainings.
  4. Participant materials are in real time. When you see that a conversation is going in a certain direction, live online training allows you and your producer to quickly pivot, adding a breakout room and whiteboard to keep the conversation moving forward in an organic way.
  5. Training holds the participants’ attention. We are so used to being on our computers or mobile devices that when you take that away people are not sure what to do with themselves. Keep participants in front of their computers or using their smart devices typing into main chats or commenting on whiteboards and they remain engaged for their 2-hour session.

When the facilitator is engaging, flexible and a subject matter expert, online training is a win-win for everyone.

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A former sales executive and trainer with Dale Carnegie, Catherine built a book of business focused on technology and finance companies. That experience is used with sales teams to design collaborative sales campaigns which improve closing ratios and hone sales skills. Catherine lives in NYC.


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