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Do You Ask These Three Sales Questions?
Blog / For Sales Pros / Aug 30, 2018 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 5340

Do You Ask These Three Sales Questions?


The Three Sales Questions That Make All The Difference

Two differentiators exist between top achieving salespeople and those who are average at best. The ability to ask and answer unusual questions with a smile makes all the difference.

Clients immediately recognize a salesperson who is willing to learn by stepping out of the traditional comfort zone of merely talking. Representatives are tested with difficult questions. Determining whether or not to proceed with the person in the room is dependent on the answers provided.

For additional insight read, ‘Handling – Creating Answers While Selling.’

Three questions to ask:

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the ability to pose questions that most are afraid to ask. The three inquiries below are similar to taking the diagonal route in conversation as opposed to the time-consuming square.

What caught your interest that had you agreeing to today’s meeting?

Once in the room with a potential buyer, the salesperson will be told that numerous people are being called in for comparison sake. But the statement alone provides little insight making it of little value.

Instead, salespeople are to take the lead as soon as the formal portion of the conversation begins. While it’s true many people are selling the same, you stood out to be granted an appointment. Getting to the ‘why’ upfront will build the conversation on the right path.

Can you describe the process for selecting and working with a new vendor?

As you hear the answer to the first question, more questions will come to mind. A friendly conversation will lead to curiosity if what you have to sell is a good fit. At the same time, you need to know each company’s process for selection. Just as no two people are alike, neither are any two companies. Similarities may exist, but nothing is identical.

By asking for specifics on how vendors are selected, you receive first-hand information on how to proceed. Very few will know to ask for the same and gives you the advantage.

From your perspective, is there anything extra that will help a vendor standout from all the rest?

As the second answer completes, the third question must be answered to maximize the advantage. Responses may include the format of the proposal, timely delivery, or a specific price point.

The answer to the last question provides you with the ability to hit the bulls-eye for the targeted client-to-be. You may believe asking what can set you apart from the rest is an awkward question to ask. However, prospects show delight that you are trying hard to win their business and will reveal what they may.

As you can see, it is the friendly question and answer portion of every conversation that far outsells the traditional talking. No one likes to listen for long. The engaging discussions that include unusual questions and answers are the ones that lead you to the sale.

Create Your Artistic Sales Process provides additional insight on how to build a standout brand. And when you add a fun exchange of fun stories to your meetings, you will have the formula for more successful selling!

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