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Handling Creative Answers While Selling
Blog / For Sales Pros / Mar 2, 2018 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 7955

Handling Creative Answers While Selling


“You can’t handle the truth!” is a favorite movie line that was delivered by Jack Nicholson in the movie A Few Good Men. Some people have difficulty handling not only the truth but also creative answers, and not just for business but in social settings, too.

I recently learned that an old friend, John, now is responsible for determining if someone qualifies as a patient for the psychiatry ward. Specific questions are asked to decide if a person is a fit. Curiosity got the best of me, and I asked for an example. Accordingly, I was asked a typical question with the expectation of a reply. But upon hearing my answer, and seeing the incredulous look on John’s face, I returned the inquiry. I asked John if I am a candidate for the psych ward!

The question was, “what similarity is there between pants and a jacket?” My immediate response was, “they both require putting a limb through each sleeve.” I stand by the answer, but it wasn’t the expected simple one. Apparently, the norm is to say, they each are a piece of clothing. John finally admitted my answer is acceptable, but he added that it is highly unusual.

On a side note, being unusual has one standing out in the crowded sales arena. For insight, read my article Stand Up for What You Believe to Succeed Your Way.

It is a good thing John isn’t in the profession of business development or sales. Varying perspective is an everyday occurrence. Furthermore, showing disdain, or putting another person down for an original answer is the worst kind of response. It is far better to ask for the reasoning behind unusual replies. The successful businesspeople will always ask, “Why do you believe that?”

Asking ‘why?’ is the first step toward a friendly negotiation where everyone feels comfortable providing input. Judgment is omitted as varying opinions are welcome.
The ideas may differ quite dramatically. But when all of the responses are sorted out, a better perspective is on the table for discussion. The inviting style usually leads to larger and more frequent sales from the same client.

Today’s corporate sales environment has some companies moving toward the blending of disciplines such as branding, marketing, public relations, and sales. For the departments to work well together, it is essential to answer the ‘why’ question when it comes to the importance of implementing strategy common to one sector but unfamiliar to the others. Everyone needs to understand the effect each approach will have for the overall performance when put in motion. As the pieces come together for a unified approach, the results become more robust.

Judging others never brings about a good conclusion. An open mind willing to learn from everyone and every experience does far better in the long run. The one word that is attributable to successful communication is ‘respect.’ As one attempts to get past the gatekeepers, it is the kindness in tone and choice of words that significantly help.

Likewise, many are frustrated they can’t seem to get their following to grow online. The primary issue is the lack of attempting to serve communities. Two typical errors include the posts tending to push people to buy, and there is a noticeable lack of sharing the insights of others. The activity is self-centered. Solving the problem will see reciprocity in liking and sharing the posts of others and providing insights so that readers feel they have a mentor at their fingertips.

Only after people feel their time is well-spent reading posts from an individual, and are appreciative of the insights will they officially follow. It is the consistency, goodwill, and helpful tips that grow followings. As each takes in the information for learning, perspectives blossom, and new opportunities arise.

A good goal is to become comfortable with unusual ideas and creative answers!

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