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The Most Powerful Sales Secret: Authentic Connection (video)


The Power of Connection in Sales: A Conversation with Kavon Kay

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kayvon Kay, a master of sales, closing expert, and creator of the One Call Closer methodology. We had an insightful conversation about the power of connection in sales.  The importance of asking effective questions and the significance of authenticity in sales.

The Importance of Self-Connection in Sales

One key point Kayvon emphasized was the importance of being connected to oneself in sales. He believes that the most important sale any salesperson will ever make is the sale of themselves. This means understanding who they are and what they represent, beyond just their product or service.

Sales, according to Kayvon, is a transference of energy. The energy a salesperson brings to the table is crucial. They need to show up as their best selves, understanding why they are there and making it about the prospect rather than themselves.

The Pitfalls of Sales Tactics

Kayvon pointed out that many sales reps focus on tactics and don’t genuinely listen to the prospect. He believes that truly good salespeople not only listen to what the prospect is saying but also pay attention to what they’re not saying.

I added that many people end up in sales without necessarily wanting to be there, which can create a conflict. To overcome this, salespeople need to uncover their ‘why’ and become passionate about their role.

Kayvon strongly emphasized the importance of authenticity in sales. In a world filled with mistrust, being authentic is crucial. He encourages individuals to have confidence in who they are and to show up as their true selves.

He shared a personal experience where he realized the importance of being authentic in sales. He used to take up any sales job solely for the money, but he soon realized that he couldn’t sustain being someone he wasn’t. His advice? Love what you are selling, love the solution you are offering, and love the people you are speaking to.

Trust: A Fundamental Element in Sales

Trust is a fundamental element in building relationships with buyers. If there are doubts or a lack of connection, it becomes difficult for buyers to trust the salesperson. Kayvon further emphasized that trust starts with oneself. If a salesperson doesn’t trust themselves, it becomes challenging for them to trust the product they are selling, and in turn, for clients to trust them.

Our conversation also touched on the importance of self-awareness in sales. Kayvon emphasized that this journey is not easy, but it is truly transformational if undertaken. He pointed out that while most people can easily articulate what they don’t want, they struggle to identify what they do want.

Kayvon empathizes with those who feel lost and have a strong desire for more but don’t know how to harness it. He believes that giving oneself permission to let go is crucial for transformation.

In hindsight, both Kayvon and I agreed that we wish we had gone through this journey earlier. However, we also acknowledged that things happen for a reason and at the right time.

The Importance of Doing the Right Things

We concluded our conversation by discussing the importance of doing the right things and putting oneself in the right circumstances, even if it takes longer than expected. Kayvon suggested that maybe we wouldn’t have been ready for the journey or transformation if it had happened earlier.

In conclusion, our conversation with Kayvon Kay was a deep dive into the world of sales, exploring the importance of self-connection, authenticity, trust, and self-awareness. It was a reminder that sales is not just about tactics and strategies, but about being true to oneself and connecting with others on a deeper level.

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John is the Amazon bestselling author of Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World’s Greatest Military Victories and Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling. A globally acknowledged Sales & Marketing thought leader, speaker, and strategist. He is CSMO at Pipeliner CRM. In his spare time, John is an avid Martial Artist.

About Author

A master of Sales and Closing, Expert Keynote Speaker, and creator of the One-Call Closer™ Methodology, Kayvon is a titan of the industry. From being Canada’s #1 pharmaceutical sales representative, to creating a multimillion-dollar coaching program, Kayvon has a vast range of skills centered within the art of sales. His ambition, drive, and confidence has led to his domination of the industry and his world-renowned abilities.


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