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#SalesChats Ep. 22: Asking Killer Question with Andy Paul


SalesChats hosts John Golden and Martha Neumeister talked with Andy Paul in this fast paced discussion on the topic of the importance of asking killer questions to close deals faster.

When you ask questions, you’re showing interest in the prospect–it’s the cornerstone of building a relationship. People buy from people they know, like and trust. A major way that you bring prospects to liking you is by showing interest in them and their issues.
But showing interest doesn’t just occur in asking questions–it also shows in the way you listen to the answers.
Join host John Golden as we chat with sales speed expert and author Andy Paul to explore this vital topic.
Q1: Why are the right questions almost more important than the answers you get?
Q2: How important is listening to the answers?
Q3: What should the salesperson do after getting the answers to questions?
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Andy Paul helps sales teams and salespeople accelerate their sales. He delivers workshops, presentations, and customized coaching program shaping the sales process to amp up sales productivity and accelerate sales by moving customers to make fast and favorable decisions.

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