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Portrait of Tomorrow’s Sales Pro
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Portrait of Tomorrow’s Sales Pro


Take a moment to picture in your head your visual representation of a sales professional. There are a number of different things that might pop up in your mind. But like everything else in the sales world, the portrait of the sales pro is also changing! Learn what the salespeople of tomorrow will look like, and beat others to the punch by transforming yourself early.

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Portrait of Tomorrow’s Sales Pro

Tomorrow’s sales pro are:

  1. Educated: They are trained in sales techniques and supported by their process and technological tools.
  2. Empaths and critical thinkers: They are able to imagine the problems of others, and think quickly on their feet in order to help resolve them.
  3. Mobile Multitaskers: Sales pros of tomorrow will be comfortable wearing many same hats – all at the same time.
  4. Social subject matter experts: Social selling has changed the game in recent years, and a strong knowledge of the industry will guide tomorrow’s sales pros to success.
  5. Trust builders, curators, and sharers: They understand the power of sharing, even if it doesn’t always lead to a sale. They want to educate and disseminate information with prospective customers, just to build relationships.
  6. Socially responsible: The stereotype of a salesperson isn’t always ethical, but the salespeople of tomorrow handle themselves with social responsibility.
  7. Mentors: Those who have been in the game longer are willing and wanting to share with the new generation of salespeople.
  8. Skilled writers: The salespeople of tomorrow have excellent written communication skills, and can interact effectively with a wide range of prospects.

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