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Have You Perfected a Flawlessly Amazing “Go-To” Closing Question?
Blog / For Sales Pros / Apr 26, 2017 / Posted by Jeff Shore / 8336

Have You Perfected a Flawlessly Amazing “Go-To” Closing Question?


You are deep into a sales conversation and you are crushing it. You love your customer and she loves you right back. A few objections, yes, each handled with silky smooth aplomb.

And then it happens. The voice.

You know the voice, right? The voice in your head? It is almost audible. Surely you’ve heard it.

At just the right moment the voice in your head will say, “This is a good time to ask for the sale.”

We’ve all heard the voice.

The question is, what are you going to do about it? How will you respond? More specifically, how quickly and how naturally will you respond?

If you have to think about the answer to that last question, you’re already in trouble.

In training sessions I ask salespeople to quickly shout out their “go-to” closing question. Typically, only about one-quarter of the room can respond without hesitation. The answer is simply not automatic for the majority of sales professionals.

As a salesperson you must have a go-to auto-response to the voice in your head. And you must be ready to ask that closing question without any hesitation. When the voice says ask for the sale, you must know exactly what you are going to say and exactly how you are going to say it.

No pause; no hesitation; complete confidence.

If you are lacking that confidence now, consider these three steps:

1) Develop Your Auto-Response Closing Question

Make it clean, simple, brief, and completely consistent with your style.

Too many closing questions are so convoluted that the circuitous route they take simply confuses the customer.

For contrast, which is simpler?

Option #1: “I am here to help you make a wise decision. We’ve spent enough time together for me to understand your needs and to provide a solution. And based upon everything I’ve seen I believe we have found that solution today. Now the question is whether you wish to move forward with the purchase process”?

Option #2: “Everything looks right for you. Would you like to make this your own”?

Simpler is better, for you and for your customer.

2) Perfect Your Auto-Response Closing Question

Having a go-to closing question is not the end goal. Using it to perfection when you hear the voice – that’s what we are shooting for.

The problem is that you simply don’t get enough game-time on that closing question. You’re just not going to ask it often enough to TRULY master the delivery.

That’s what the practice session is all about. You need to perfect that go-to closing question through relentless repetition. Say it. Say it again. Say it 100 more times…OUT LOUD! You’ll be amazed at how natural it will become when you practice it out loud.

3) Use Your Auto-Response Closing Question

Finally, you must have your go-to closing question ready at a moment’s notice. A moment – that is, quite literally, how much time you have to ask the question.

Keep your go-to closing question in mind throughout the presentation. Use it as a landmark to aim for.

The go-to closing question is a must for every sales professional. Develop your go-to and go get that next sale!

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