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Jeff Shore

Jeff Shore is a sales expert, speaker, author and consultant. He has worked with sales teams across the globe to inspire them to peak performance utilizing his innovative BE BOLD methodology. His latest book is Closing 2.o.

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WHAT’S THE KEY TO SALES SUCCESS? BOLDNESS. "Jeff Shore shows how to gain the essential confidence that is the first step to a great sales career." — Neil Rackham, bestselling author of SPIN Selling "This book is loaded with great ideas to educate, inspire, and…
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Most real estate companies train salespeople how to farm leads and take an up. But when it comes to engaging emotionally with buyers, salespeople merely learn to survive. Real estate sales expert Jeff Shore argues that sales agents can thrive by building an emotionally charged…
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Deal With It! Mastering 21 Tough Sales Challenges discusses some of the toughest situations you'll ever face in consumer sales. Deal With It! is a resource book for the sales professional looking to step up their game by turning tough sales challenges into selling and…
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Something in your clients' lives isn't working for them right now and they need a fix. They're on a mission...a mission to improve their lives. Your job is to connect to that mission so deeply that the path to the sale literally roles out right…
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FACT: There are homebuyers out the thousands.
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