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Tell a Good Story When Presenting a Business Case
Blog / For Sales Pros / Apr 11, 2016 / Posted by Sales POP! Recommends / 3390 

Tell a Good Story When Presenting a Business Case

Data doesn’t sell. Stories do.

I’ve seen way too many failed attempts by sellers as they try to persuade customers – by using data as their tool. It just doesn’t work.

A winning delivery is about crafting a memorable and emotional story. Here are some elements that your story should include that will grab their attention:

  • Outline the need
  • Describe your solution
  • Show the impact your solution had
  • Make sure you underline the conflict
  • What was at stake
  • How was it resolved

Make sure your story weaves in emotional appeal or human connection into the narrative. Use metaphors of similar, real, life events, stories or companies from recent history to back up your own story.

Today’s best, most powerful and most modern presentations are all centered on “making an emotional connection” to the audience that’s genuine and subtly backed up with data needed to make the sale.

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