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Four Ways CRM Software Will Increase Your Sales Efficiency
Blog / Sales Management / Dec 19, 2013 / Posted by Richard Young / 8884

Four Ways CRM Software Will Increase Your Sales Efficiency

Do you want your sales team to make more sales?

If so, an easy way to make that happen, is to support your sales reps to work more efficiently. And if you plan to do that, you’ll want to invest in some smart CRM software.

Here’s why…

"Smart cloud" CRM software#1: “Smart Cloud” for Remote Working

Pick a CRM that automatically synchronises your data, and you’ll empower your sales teams to work on the go from wherever they are. As a result, sales reps won’t need to wait until they’re back to base to upload and input data. Instead, they can finish a visit and upload any notes or data to the CRM whilst it’s still fresh in their mind before moving on.

In addition, if you choose a CRM that’s accessible from a smartphone or tablet, automatic syncing means that your CRM will always be up to date.  Plus, you can save time by removing the need for repetitive data entry – therefore freeing up more time to focus on the activities that close deals.

#2: Quick and Easy Access to Key Sales Information

A good CRM solution will allow you to manage all your business critical customer information from one central place. From customer contact details, to sales accounts, to buying patterns, to location within your pipeline, if you want your sales reps to do their best job, they need quick and easy access to the most up to date intelligence. And a CRM makes this possible.

In addition, modern CRM software, such as Pipeliner, allow you to view and monitor your sales pipeline in real time. Plus, because you can track your pipeline end to end, you can always see the big picture as well as the detail.

In turn, your sales reps don’t have to rely on their memory or their handwritten notes to stay on top. Instead, they can rely on the CRM to provide the data they need to manage a prospect – leaving them free to focus their attention on conversion tactics and sales.

In fact, it’s this ready access to key CRM information that can give your sales teams a HUGE boost. Instead of relying on gut instinct and guesswork, sales reps will be able to accurately track customers and conversions. In turn, they will be better placed to make decisions based on facts. Plus, because CRMs makes the pipeline visible, it’s super easy to see performance and achievements at a glance. In turn, because the whole team can see what’s happening, this will not only allow for better teamwork, but also provide a motivational boost to encourage reps to deliver and exceed targets.

Right CRM software will help you with sales forcasting#3: Reliable Forecasting Information

Reliable forecasting is vital to the success of your sales team and your overall company performance. Accurate forecasts can be a useful asset when striving to achieve more sales. Targets can motivate reps, BUT it’s important to get the balance right between a target that’s stretching but achievable, against a target that’s completely unrealistic.

If you choose a CRM software with good analytics and forecasting functionality, you’ll be able to do a sense check against your predicted growth. If you know your conversion rate as well as the time it takes prospects to move through your pipeline, your CRM will be able to tell you if you’re on target. For example, if the number of prospects at the top of your sales funnel is too low, you know instantly that you have a problem.

And this is where the use of a CRM can help you drive sales. If you know you have a problem in advance, you can take remedial action to increase the likelihood of your sales targets still being achieved.

#4: Work Smarter

Modern CRM systems, including Pipeliner, often integrate with other online tools.

This is a huge time saver because it significantly cuts the amount of duplicate data entry. In addition, you can also use the integration function to automate tasks. For example, you can:

  • Link your CRM to your email provider and instantly initiate an autoresponder sequence
  • Instantly add a prospect as a new lead, when they sign up for a webinar sequence or fill in an opt-in page
  • Link your calendar to get automated reminders so you never forget to follow-up or miss a single deadline

And with that level of efficiency and professionalism built into your sales process, it’s inevitable you’ll close more deals.

Which CRM Software Solution is Right for You?

It’s clear the right CRM software will empower your sales team. They’ll benefit from quality real time data and a reduction in the amount of repetitive data entry. This in turn will give them more time to do what they do best – selling.

Sales reps are inherently entrepreneurial, and time-consuming administrative work is not the best use of their time. So instead, use a CRM to simplify background admin, make data easily accessible and free up your sales reps so they can spend more time building relationships and closing deals.

Could Pipeliner CRM be the right software solution for your B2B business?

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