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Next Level Sales Influence
Blog / For Sales Pros / Dec 29, 2017 / Posted by Jeffrey Lipsius / 8571

Next Level Sales Influence


As a salesperson, you can influence your customers, but you can also really influence your customers. Influence leads to sales. But the real measure of your influence is determined by how your customers behave after the sale. Will your customers actually use the product? Will they reorder the product? Will they recommend the product to others? Will they turn your competitors away? It’s one thing for customers to agree with you while you’re standing right in front of them. It’s quite another for that influence to endure after you’re gone. Influencing customer behavior after the sale is taking your influence to the next level.

Multilevel salespeople are masters at taking influence to the next level. Most of their income doesn’t come from just selling products. It comes from motivating customers to re-sell those products to friends and relatives. Success demands for their customers to take initiative. They need for customers to not just buy. They also need customers to “buy in.”

Customer buy-in involves integrating your customer’s decision to buy with their personal beliefs and values. Salespeople need to be learners rather than teachers. They learn what their customer’s beliefs and values are during the course of conversation. Asking questions is the best way for salespeople to gain the most information in the least amount of time. Once salespeople gain this information, they can modify their presentations for maximum influence.

Real influence can be transformational. We can all recall instances when someone introduced us to something that became part of who we are. A personal example is when a vitamin salesperson introduced me to the idea taking vitamins. Other people had previously suggested that I take vitamins. However, this salesperson introduced the idea when I was more receptive. He tied the suggestion in to my complaint about feeling tired during the day. He selected a vitamin that enabled me to experience a significant energy difference. When this salesperson integrated all these factors, I became hooked. I have taken vitamins daily ever since and ended up working for his company. His suggestion started my thirty-year long career in the vitamin supplement industry. I didn’t just buy, but I also “bought in.” I never forgot how his skilled selling influenced my life for the better. Can you remember a similar instance in your life?

Securing customer buy-in is one of the most rewarding experiences for salespeople. It creates a relationship that endures because the salesperson’s value endures. The salesperson’s contribution to the customer’s quality of life will be fondly remembered. Getting your customer’s buy-in is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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Jeffrey Lipsius is President of Selling To The Point®-Sales Training and Consulting. Jeffrey has been training salespeople for over 30 years. His award-winning book, “Selling To The Point,” teaches salespeople to address a challenging new sales environment by being their customer’s “decision-coach”.

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