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Continue to Spread Gratitude at Work after Thanksgiving
Blog / For Sales Pros / Dec 5, 2017 / Posted by Lisa Magnuson / 5855

Continue to Spread Gratitude at Work after Thanksgiving


It’s after Thanksgiving and now we’re focused on year end and the holiday season. However, continuing to spread gratitude at work after Thanksgiving can really make a difference. Here’s why.

You’ve probably noticed that the small things at work can make or break your day? A kind word or comment of appreciation from a client or co-worker can turn a bad day into a good day or simply make a good day better.

If one small acknowledgement can make such a large difference in our outlook, then wouldn’t it be wise to explore some strategies for dignifying others through gratitude at work? The ROI (Return on investment) is surely immediate. However, there must be barriers to showing consideration throughout the business day because most people would say that it’s a rare occurrence. Perhaps we’ve become too caught up in our own success to thank those who have helped us become successful. Possibly our busy schedules restrict us from taking a moment to notice quality contributions from others. However, without putting forth a little extra effort to demonstrate appreciation how can we expect teammates or employees to consistently go the extra mile? As we look to do more with less we need to consider the universal need for appreciation.

Fortunately, unlike many business challenges today, this particular matter has a simple resolution. Here are some common sense suggestions for dignifying others through gracious behavior at work. (Even after the turkey has been consumed and the dishes are done.)

  • How about making it a habit to send a simple thank you note for all courtesies including business lunches, referrals, and advice. It’s shocking how infrequently people do this!
  • Imagine dignifying others by taking the time to explain to co-workers and employees how their contributions can impact the success of critical projects, and thank them for their help in advance.
  • What if we made a concerted effort to include words of encouragement into daily e-mails and texts? You’ll be amazed by the immediate and positive responses.
  • On a daily basis ask yourself, “Who helped me with this?” and go out of your way to thank them.
  • Consider showing appreciation to the organizers of company sponsored webinars, training sessions, and other value added opportunities for growth and development.
  • Lastly, each of us can find a reason each day to compliment someone on their effort or attitude and emphasize the positive impact they have on you and others.

There are numerous benefits to following these simple suggestions. First, you will immediately stand out among your peers and competitors. It pays to differentiate yourself in positive ways. Second, people prefer to work with those who appreciate their efforts. It’s likely that your co-workers or clients will seek you out for important projects because they know that their outstanding efforts will be appreciated. Finally, showing appreciation will make you feel great about yourself. Practicing good manners and dignifying others is simple and rewarding.

A tip to impact both your top line and bottom line: put some gratitude in your attitude at work!

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