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A GDPR Email That I Love!
Blog / For Sales Pros / Sep 21, 2018 / Posted by David Meerman Scott / 1495 

A GDPR Email That I Love!


A GDPR Email You Won’t Put in the Trash Folder

We’ve all been getting a bunch of messages from the companies we do business with alerting us to the new privacy policy they’ve implemented as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation that goes into effect across the European Union on May 25.

The law basically says that companies need your permission to collect your data and that you should only be required to share data that is required to make their services work.

Most of these email messages have been just the facts, boring, boring, boring. Many are drafted by lawyers.

But my friends at The Rattle – a curated community and hub in London that offers studios, workspace, and mentorship to pioneers, tech makers, artists, and mentors – sent a wonderful GDPR message featuring… babies.

It’s a simple request asking if it’s okay to email. Here’s the text

Yup – GDPR and all that jazz…

We have such an incredible email community here at The Rattle. Almost a third of you reply to our messages, and well over half of you either read them or share them on to folk you know. It’s amazeballs and humbling.

To keep this going – it’s important we show you we respect your privacy and honor your wishes regarding email. That’s why, in line with GDPR, we’d like to let you know that *if you do not wish to receive* any more emails from us, click the link below.

Then there is an option to unsubscribe with a lovely baby’s reaction to your decision followed by another equally lovely baby reacting if you didn’t push the opt out.

I love the Rattle. I’m still in.


Rattle No

Rattle Yes

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