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5 Things Women Need Most when Purchasing
Blog / For Sales Pros / May 24, 2017 / Posted by Tanya Pluckrose / 6370

5 Things Women Need Most when Purchasing


Recently my yoga teacher, Erika, purchased a new car from Toyota. It was an excruciating purchasing experience. At the first Toyota dealership, she had the pleasure of “Frank” the salesman with 25 years experience. Sadly Frank utilized “old school” selling tactics toward women, including fear, manipulation and patronization, which he hadn’t adapted to the modern era. Erika quickly became uncomfortable and suspicious of Frank, and abandoned the sale. She drove 20 miles to another Toyota dealership, where she received the client experience she was looking for. Erika felt respected as the astute decision maker and well-financed equal of her male counterpart.

A woman will go out of her way to have a purchasing experience that makes her feel good, understood and valued.This goes for all companies in all industries.

85% of all purchasing decisions are made by women. It is also predicted that by 2028 women will out-earn men, and control of 75% of all discretionary spending. And these numbers are climbing.

Is your company missing out on this very powerful and important demographic? ​Check your standards against these five pro-tips:

Tip #1​ Look the part and make sure you are dressed for success. This includes your grooming, which should be congruent with the value of what you are selling. For example, I wouldn’t wear jeans and a t-shirt to sell a prestigious car or home.

Tip #2​ What does your workplace look like? Make sure it is conducive to a female client’s needs ​first​–it should make her feel comfortable and considered. For example, the lady’s room should be fresh and tidy, and your meeting place should not be cluttered. Refreshments or other small details that show thoughtfulness will go a long way.

Tip #3​THE NUMBER ONE RULE​ is listening. Really listen from the beginning, because there is a fortune to be made in her​ “chitta chatta.”​ By attentively listening to her, you will already know what her specific needs are.

Tip #4​ Body language plays a huge part during the sale, so use your gestures wisely. Don’t stand too close to her; allow a three-foot space between you, and use eye contact. Women LOVE eye contact because it shows you are truly listening. It builds trust and imparts respect.

Tip #5​ Follow-up. You have the responsibility to care for her after the transaction just as much, if not more, than prior to the sale. ​Be the keeper of the relationship and she will become your raving fan.

About Author

Tanya Pluckrose an expert and thought leader on the attracting and retaining high value clientele. Over 20 years, she lead teams for a world renowned airline, Qantas Airways. She addressed the needs of 1.3 million VIP customers, while managing the-state-of-the-art aircrafts, including the A380.

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