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Sales: Hold Out the Olive Branch to Marketing
Off the Cuff / Sales & Marketing Alignment / Nov 2, 2017 / Posted by Julio Viskovich / 7187

Sales: Hold Out the Olive Branch to Marketing


Off-the-Cuff Interview Question: For any sales department that hasn’t done so (and there are certainly many), why should they hold up the olive branch to marketing and begin working with them as a team?

It’s essential for any high performing sales team to have a good relationship and an open-line of communication with marketing. Sales always want “more” and “better” leads. Without the help of the sales team, who are the feet on the street talking with prospects, marketing can’t truly understand the nuances of the customer. So if sales truly want an increase in both quality and volume they have to be willing to provide intelligence that will help marketing create agile marketing content that adequately hits the critical business issues of the buyer. No one understands the buyer like the sellers do, and they can inform marketing of the sales-ready messaging that is successfully advancing prospects down the funnel so that they can do more of what’s working and less of what doesn’t.

My suggestion for an initial olive branch offering is to invite marketing to the sales meetings and give them 10 minutes up front to engage in productive dialogue with the team – this will do wonders in building a situation more conducive to creating better content that generates a higher volume and quality of leads for the sales team. The ROI of proactively bridging the silo between the two departments is clear – get it done!

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Julio is VP of Marketing at rFactr, an enterprise social media technology and consulting company. A recognized expert, he appeared on national TV and is a recognized Forbes top 30 social salespeople (#25). He has worked with innovative companies like Microsoft and HootSuite to develop awareness.

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